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Mative Labs
5 min readOct 5, 2021

A global creative design agency collaboratively pioneering the next generation of designers and digital artists.

“Digital Design Laboratory” — Mative Labs

“If a factory is torn down but the rationality which produced it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce another factory. If a revolution destroys a government, but the systematic patterns of thought that produced that government are left intact, then those patterns will repeat themselves. . . . There’s so much talk about the system. And so little understanding.” — Robert Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Disrupting the world of creative agencies, we aim to serve as an innovation hub and a digital testing ground that challenges old norms and sparks new ideas through design-orientated thinking. Our mission is to be a natural extension in the process of branding at all stages of the project and to provide solutions and methods for task progression within our community. We look at an experience through the eyes of an art collector, a product supplier, an organization, and a brand — not just any one perspective.

By focusing on creating an environment that not only fosters innovation through the development of stories but ultimately embodies the “experiences” endured, rather than material products desired, we’re able to connect the storytellers (artist/founders) and the audience (collectors/customers) like never before.

Fangia Knights — iOS Mobile App for a role-playing game

We like to examine our work through various lenses which force us to consider all factors that influence the user experience, things like today's sub-culture trends, technological automation, advanced apps, data science, efficient strategy mapping, and service design. We help our client-partners succeed by designing intuitively based on genuine human insight. At the most basic level, there’s an understanding that we’re all incredibly cognitive beings; we learn and store information and expand our knowledge base through these new experiences and intrinsic resonations that pull on the soul.

“New experiences catalyze educational thought and spark new ideas.” — Jonah Bolden, Co-founder & Creative Director at Mative Labs

By transforming individual brands and community projects into beloved characters and story’s which the target audience can resonate with on a deeper level, we strengthen the brand-to-fan relationship for projects and lay the foundation for long-term success. Through uncovering these moments that matter, empowering brands via digital experiences, and achieving beauty in the imperfections of life, we finally unlock the possibilities of this new era and provide a voice for the unheard.

Gutter Cat Gang DAO — Website for an NFT community

Through engaging with audiences in a remarkably emotional yet intimate way, we ask our client-partners questions like “Is the purpose of the project about the brand, or is it about your community and supporters?” or even further “What part of your project/brands’ story is your community’s story also?”

“We believe a project’s collective drive, belief in their community, love for their work, life experiences, and hopes for the future is the message that needs to be embodied digitally and physically in this new era of Internet Web3.” — Mative Labs

Creating an unforgettable brand experience requires a unique strategy founded on user research and we look to deliver these brand experiences across all touchpoints by combining critical-thinking strategy, design technology, and brand identity transformation. For some reason, design is often perceived as a luxury when in reality, it’s a very essential part of the branding and is one of the most powerful tools for creating a competitive advantage in the most subtle of ways.

Pheal — iOS Mobile App for an automated outfit & AI fashion assistant

Living in an age where technology is constantly changing can be tough when you’re expected to adapt on the fly. It’s no longer enough for us to just use a product; now, products have to fit into our lives and change them for the better. We help teams and individuals create a story that people can resonate with by beginning our design-thinking process with a purpose. We start things off by getting an understanding of the team/individuals’ goals and challenges required to develop sufficient solutions & concepts. We don’t believe in creating just for the visual aesthetic; instead, we craft experiences that make you feel something internally and force the viewer to see something different from before, creating positive change within the community, team, and brand.

The pivotal problem is that agency’s today still use outdated technology to build digital products for clients that demand & deserve more and today's tech stacks have become so complex with development processes being so convoluted, that it’s hard for non-design-focused teams, organizations or brands to keep up with the speed of innovation and design-output that is required. We do things differently and keep things simple, we use digital tech that supports rapid-iteration, streamlined organization, and continuous delivery; our process minimizes waste by focusing on functionality and project outcomes first and ultimately we measure our own success on the brand/team/projects’ community behavior and internal morale rather than vanity metrics like page views or clicks per visit.

Lazy CryptoCats Website — Designed & developed by Mative Labs

With the understanding of how important collaboration is within the new age of digital consciousness, we look to embark on this next phase of our journey with our community directly and want you to be a part of the Mative Labs family, together forever and on-chain at last.

To accomplish this, we’ve been hard at work building Mative Labs 3.0 and the ML Studios Server in order to open our digital gates and provide exclusive access to our already existing spectrum of digital design services such as landing page design & development, NFT project design & development with smart contract deployment and on-site minting if necessary, web or mobile app UX/UI, and more on-demand to our community.

So what is Mative Labs 3.0 or the ML Studios Server?

We’ll let you start guessing while we keep building and will publish an article following this that goes into what the future holds for Mative Labs…



Mative Labs

Mative Labs is a global digital & creative design agency. We build digitally-enhanced experiences that harness visual storytelling to inspire change.